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These are in my dock and I feel confident opening them:

How'd I get here?

Playing with LEGOs taught me how to create.

In junior high, I bought a Macbook and started fiddling with iMovie. I made many vlogs and short bits.

I made a 1 hour and 11 second short film with my friend about two nerds who finally defeated two bullies.

As a thespian, I've learned to engage an audience. I've acted in 16 productions; including roles as Aladdin, Javert, and Danny Zuko.

My senior year of high school I ran the assemblies and made loads of content.

In college, I found the BYU Adlab and knew I was home.


Advertising took me to VaynerMedia as a Production Intern. I even met GaryVee himself.

I was a part of two pencil-winning teams at the D&AD Award Show.

My teams won a Silver Pencil and Art Director's Cube at The One Club for Creativity.

I've signed top-secret NDAs and worked with these brands:

The BYU Adlab has taken me to these events: